December 01, 2017


The temperatures are falling, the trees are covered in snow and it’s that time of the year again.
The Christmas countdown has officially started and that’s why I am here with the first day of Blogmas!
I’ve decided to do Blogmas since I don’t post very often and want to challenge myself a bit. I would post more regularly but school just doesn’t make it always possible. So, you’re probably thinking now ‘’Then why would you do Blogmas where you have to post daily?’’. I don’t really know either…I guess because it might be fun!
Now, let’s just forget about that and move on with this post. 

I’ve been shopping quite a lot lately (oops…!)  and found some gorgeously comfortable culottes which look like straight out of the seventies and are worth mentioning. If you’ve read my last blog post then you’ll probably know that I want to stay away from jeans as often as I can and as I am not a skirt kind of girl…the last option are trousers. They look Parisian too…and seventies-ish…if that makes any sense…

I paired it with a classy black short-sleeved jumper from the one and only Zara. This comes in very handy when it’s cold outside but you want to get that certain look that only a short-sleeved top will do and since it’s wool it keeps you (most of the times) snuggly and warm.

For accessories, only these Chelsea boots came in my mind ‘cause the trousers are really outstanding. I mean, though black loafers would have done a good job too, the boots are much warmer and it was totally freezing. The wind was blowing and I didn’t even wear a jacket (thanks to my closet for only owning one proper jacket that just doesn’t go with this outfit)!

The bag is just a not so fancy one (again) from Zara. You can actually flip it over so it has another colour which is tbh the only reason why I bought it. It can be used for many different outfits and was very affordable. After writing this it doesn’t seem that non-fancy anymore…
Last but not least, jewellery. I chose my day-to-day Tiffany & Co. necklace, my normal and boring pearl earrings and my beloved ring with my birthstone on it.

If you’ve made it this far without falling asleep, I am very thankful! The upcoming posts will definitely be more interesting. I promise! Creating good content isn’t that easy if you only have half an hour to write a whole entry! I have so many ideas and too less time! I will however not always be that busy so, just wait two days until you are able to read great content (in my opinion).



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photos made by my mom


  1. I love this outfit! You look so beautiful xx

    1. Aww thank you so much!
      Xx Victoria

  2. Thank you for this! I've been really struggling to style my culottes lately.
    P.s youre so beautiful xx

    1. Thank you so so much, Hannah!
      Xo Victoria

  3. I LOVED the culottes! I've never worn anything like that... In fact, I've been wearing high waist skinny pants for the last 6 years or so. Maybe it's time for a change, haha. Loved your blog and your posts, but one tip: maybe don't "self deprecate" that much (like call your earrings 'boring', when they are beautiful and you like them, hehe). I know that is hard to do because I do that a lot myself, but it's a suggestion I've been given by fellow bloggers, so I'm passing it on to you... Specially because you're so beautiful and stylish!

    Ps.: I need a bag like that! Sounds very practical, and it does look quite nice.


    Sofia -

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments and tips!
      Lots of love Victoria

  4. Hi, Victoria!
    I love your blog!!! Those pants are adorable. I just got my first pair of culottes a few months ago :) Also, your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I am going to see if you have a haircare routine after writing this comment. If not, it would be super cool if you did one. :) Happy December!


    1. Aww thank you so so much! Maybe I will! Thanks for the idea! This really means a lot to me!
      Love, Victoria

  5. Love the grid pattern + soft neutral color! Too cute!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Thanks a lot, Ashley!
      Xoxo Victoria


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