July 14, 2017


If you’ve read my last blog post then you might know that I went to Italy. And as I am a photography lover I had to take some photos of that beautiful location. So, we managed to have a little photo session with a gorg outfit that you will read all about in this post.

 I don’t even know where to start… I was scrolling through Asos when I came across this super cute hat. I can’t describe how much I love it! Its huge brim and sequin detail which says ‘vacay’ is just so adorable. It is perfect for summer but most of all for the beach! The quality is also very good for its cheap price. So totally worth the buy.

Next let’s talk about my other current obsession, the shorts. I have been living in these trousers for the last couple of weeks. It’s like they became an extension of my body! I was actually worrying because I wear them so often! They literally go with everything in my closet and I think, they are so classy and feminine but also very comfortable. They are a bit outstanding and not like the average shorts that everyone has. And I was soooo happy when I saw them because I don’t know how about you but for me finding the perfect shorts is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. So it took me quite a while. Because I want them to be not that long that they reach your knees but also not too short that you can see my knickers. But these are the perfect cut and length. So now after talking about how much I love them and torturing you with curiosity where I bought them, I want to tell you that I found the shorts of my dreams at Zara.

Now coming to something that isn’t that exciting but worked out really-well with the shorts is the T-Shirt. It is just a simple black one from Asos but I decided to wear it because it was very hot and all of my other tops have ¾ -sleeves and I just wanted to stay as cool as possible.  

Last but not least, Accessories and shoes. In my opinion, Accessories complete an outfit and make it look much more put-together. However, I didn’t wear that many because again it was so hot and I hate to wear jewellery when I sweat. This is just a random fact about me which kind of annoys me. But I put some on and decided to go for another obsession (yes, I’ve a lot of obsessions at the moment!), my beloved ring with my birthstone on it from Asos. Then for earrings I just wore some pearl studs that I bought at Primark.

Of course, I also had to wear sunglasses because it was soooo sunny, I saw NOTHING without my sunglasses which are again from Zara. I just noticed, I am repeating things quite often…

Not to forget, the shoes. I sometimes prefer the comfort of Espadrilles and Ballet flats to sneakers which maybe sounds to some people weird but that’s true. Also, sneakers will never give you such a classy silhouette like Espadrilles and Ballet flats do, actually, they don’t give you any classiness at all.  Whatever… those are from New Look and look so cute with the rest of the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Please let me know if you have any posts that you would love to see in the future, in the comments section below!

See ya!
Lots of love,

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photos taken by my mom


  1. I hope you had a lovely trip to Italy <3 I love those shorts, I can see them being something I would wear all the time as well! Also your hair is beautiful! <3 xxx

  2. Love how bright the pictures are, so gorgeous. I agree, those shorts are unique and super cute! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  3. Oh my! This is one cute summer look. That high-waist shorts looks fabulous. Love how you styled it :)


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