June 30, 2017


As the title may has told you, I am quite of an over packer. I tend to take a lot of things with me just in case. Because of that, I brought two big rucksacks (that didn't even close) for my vacation in Caorle, Italy.
I love to watch 'What I am packing for...' videos on Youtube because I am the noisiest person on earth and so I thought, I could show you what I am taking but since I have no YT I write about it instead.

Now you know that I am an over packer and have to pack three different outfits.
The first one includes my beloved baby pink victoriana dress that I actually bought second hand but its condition is as new because I got it from a very careful blogger on Depop. Btw I've recently created my own Depop where I sell my 'old' clothes (there not really old but I don't need them anymore and never wore them!) and would really appreciate it if you could check it out! Just click >>here<< For shoes I decided to take my white Espadrilles from New Look which are oh so comfortable! And for accessories, the ring with my birthstone on it which I am wearing constantly and the earrings that I am wearing even more!
Oh and I am of course taking some underwear but I am not going to show you that.

The second outfit is more summery and monochrome. I am taking some white and black striped shorts from Zara and just a plain black T-Shirt from Asos. To pair I got the same Espadrilles and accessories (but also a necklace) as in the first outfit.

And the last one isn't that important (I also think that I won't wear it) because it is just in case if something from the other ones gets dirty.

Since it's summer and we are heading to the beach I'll take two bikinis, a pair of sandals and a gigantic hat that says 'Vacation' on the brim. I am highly looking forward to take some photos with it for my Instagram and of course my Blog!

And not to forget: pajamas! I don't know how about you but I just love pjs! So I am packing three of those. However you can only see one in the picture because the other were just too boring to show. The one that is shown in the photo is actually a T-Shirt but it is way too big for me so I use it as a dress. It is very comfortable and has the name of my favourite magazine on it. What more could you ask for?

Because it will be very sunny I am packing some sunglasses and for entertainment whilst driving with the car I am taking a book, my phone and travel diary/journal.

Now coming to the last and (for me) less exciting part: cosmetics. I didn't take photos of all cosmetics etc. I am bringing because there were too much but I can list them here:
a toothbrush, a toothpaste, some hairbands, a hairbrush, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo (I put it in little plastic containers that I got from Primark because the original ones would have taken up too much space), a nail fail, a moisturiser, a hand cream, a nail polish, a deodorant, a lip balm, disinfectant, plasters, facial cream, sun cream, cotton buds
And now the very last (&boring) things: a travel sewing kit, a towel, ear plugs

If you've made it to here, I am very thankful and proud of you! This one was a long one... I hope you enjoyed it anyway and I could reduce your curiosity! I am also sorry that this post was a bit boring....yee...

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I see you soon!

Lots of love,

Photoa taken by me

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