May 03, 2017


I surprisingly didn't go shopping so I had to pick some 'older' clothing for this post. But I can tell you that it looks all the better!

I don't know how you feel about vintage/retro tees but I am obsessed with them at the moment. They are just so so versatile! Yes, I am talking about T-Shirts and a tees literally go with everything (except you wear on top of a ballgown...). But it is more than that. It gives your outfit the extra bit that otherwise lost. It makes your heartbeat go faster when you put an outfit including it together and you absolutely fell in love with it. Okay that was a bit...I am not going into this anymore...
Coming back on earth!
You can wear it with high waisted jeans, denim skirts, under dungarees, shorts and even more.
The T-Shirt that I chose to wear in this post is from Bershka and is totally comfortable!
So let's stop for here with the retro tees. Let us give the rest of the outfit a chance to be feautured in this post as well!

Are pleated metallic skirts still trendy? I hope so because I really like them and it would be sad if the trend is already over. I also bought it not very long ago. However I like pleated skirts! Whether they are in or out, especially when they are metallic! The one that I am wearing in this picture is pink-ish? Rose? Satin? I am not the best at colors to be honest.
Sometimes I feel like it is to festive to wear it for example in school but I love it! It is so comfortable and pretty! So the gorgeous skirt sadly only leaves my closet when I wear it in my free time.

Anyway, what a ramble!
The next thing I am going to show you are my black ballet flats from Zara. They just look adorable with the gold heels and the strings to tie around your ankles! They also go with almost every outfit and they give it a feminine and elegant touch!

Coming to accessories, I chose my beloved ring that I got last year at Disneyland Paris. I can't tell you how much I love it! I am also a ring kinda person, if that makes sense.
The accessorie has a little Mickey Mouse and star detail. And the pink stones are actually my birthstones which I find so cool!
By reading this I realised that this Ootd is kind of Disney themed because of the retro Mickey Mouse tee and the ring. But that's okay because I love Disney!
For the earrings I just decided to wear simple pearl ones from Primark.
I dind't want to take more jewelry because I think, the skirt is shimmery enough!

Before I'll finish, for the ones that wondered I just wanted to tell you that I am doing the haul probably the next time. I am really sorry but I just didn't feel like a haul where I only show a few pieces to you guys! So I will wait a bit and do a collective haul.
Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed the outfit as much as me!

Lots of love,

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Pictures taken by my mom



  1. I absolutely love those shoes! That skirt looks so great on you, I wish I could wear skirts like they - I always end up looking like a cupcake when I wear them :) Haha

    1. Thank you so much!
      Xo Victoria-Maria

  2. Outfit really suits you! I'm thinking of doing an outfit post soon too! Xx

    1. Thank you! I can't wait!
      Xo Victoria-Maria


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