May 27, 2017


In the last couple of months - no actually in the last year and a half - I had felt so desperate about my style and wardrobe in general. I just hadn't felt comfortable in my clothes and my 'style' was indescribable, it was a mix of French chic, cally, bohemian and grungy style. To be honest, it was horrible!

So the miracle wanted to help me and I came across the best book in the world; 'The Curated Closet'. It has helped me solving my problems.
But let me first explain what The Curated Closet is about! It's basically a guide to define your own style, buy only pieces that you like 100% and throw away anything that doesn't fit into your wardrobe anymore.

As well-behaved I am I did every single step. And it was a challenge!
First it was all about defining your personal style. So I had to think about what I like, what suits me best and get inspired by creating my own moodboard. I made mine on Pinterest because I think it's very easy to pin something and you have the inspiration always with you on your phone. If you want to look through my moodboard then click here.
After this I answered questions from the book to define my style a little better. Here are some of them:
What are the most important colours of this style?
What fabric do you like the most?
What's the best name for this style?
What does a typical outfit look like for this style?

The book also tells you not to buy clothes that don't really fit to your style. So that you don't have a mix of everything in your wardrobe. This can be very hard when you go shopping escpecially when you are stressed. This is the reason why I prefer to shop online although I can't always do that because sometimes I have to try things on. So the author's advice is to write a 'shopping list' that conatins the overall look of your style, fabric, colours etc. This is kind of a filter that the clothes in store go through. You can skip trying on clothes that don't fulfil the 'conditions' on your list.
Now comes the last and biggest step: Overhauling your wardrobe.

I've thrown out many clothes in the past but not all at once! This time it's a bit different and it's actually the first time I've done it.
When you overhaul your wardrobe you basically throw out every single thing that doesn't fit to your new style and that you're probably not going to wear anymore. After you've thrown out everything your closet will be for sure pretty empy because your new style is after reading through the entire book (almost) completely different.

It was difficult but totally worth it! I say difficult because I had so many clothes and it was a lot of work going through the things and asking myself if I still need them and if they could fit to my new personal style. I am also one of those people that are connected to their things especially when it comes to fashion. But I had to change myself a bit because I had no joy with these pieces and there was no room for new ones.

However afterwards I felt so 'free'. I know it sounds ridiculous but I honestly felt like that! My closet was so empty and in the end I loved all my clothes that were left!

I would recommend 'The Curated Closet' to everyone that needs a little help with their existing wardrobe and a new and fresh style that fits their personality and lifestyle perfectly!

Thanks for clicking onto my blog and post and for reading this.
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  1. Such a great idea! I really need to clear out my chest of drawers but I share a room with my sister so only have two which means I don't have much room for clothes in the first place. Not got much time recently either but definitely needs to go on my to-do-list! - Caitlyn xo

  2. Great post; I'm definitely the one who has a mix of everything to the point where you could say my closet is chaos. I'll have to check this book out!

    Nicole | Malokoko

  3. That's awesome! I normally don't have the guts to get rid of so many things all at once. I can only ever get rid of a few things at a time or else I fall into that "I don't have anything to wear!" panicked state... Haha


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