April 16, 2017


I am back again with another Fashion post, an Outfit of the day! Yay! Hey this actually rhymed... I ordered some clothes on Asos and I went to Zara last week. Some of you asked me to do the a haul but the weather was perfect for a shooting, so I decided to do this instead! But for those of you that wanted to see the haul head over to my Instagram
It is April which means it is Spring (finally) and in that time of the year I love love to wear blouses! I am just obsessed with them! I don't know if it is the way they fit me or the way they look, but I can't get enough of them!
Victoria, please stop telling about your obsession with blouses! Pls! Better tell us where you bought this one and move on!
Okay okay...
This blouse is absolutely one of my favorites with the gorgeous broderie anglaise, from now on! It is from Asos btw.

I am loving these embroidered jeans from Zara atm! As the embroidery trend has also reached my heart, I thought they would go perfectly together with the blouse. 

I normally don't buy too expensive clothes but when I went to an outlet near where I live, I couldn't stop my self! And I came home with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith which I adore and wanted for so long, and a pink handbag from Michael Kors. But I am glad I bought it! Because otherwise this outfit would have missed something!

Speaking of missing: an outfit isn't complete when there are no accessories, in my opinion! So I finished it up with my lovely rings and bracelets from H&M and random pearl earrings from Primark.

The best still comes in the end...my adorable sunglasses from Zara! I've been also on the hunt for these longer and I finally found them on my shopping tour. The shape of them are definetly on trend rn. So perfect for this ootd! Omg how often did I say this? Five times for sure!

But I really love all of the things that I've showed you in this post! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did!
Stay tuned for the next one!

I see you then!

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April 02, 2017


Although it is not the international Pancake Day (it was about a month ago) I wanted to do this post because I really enjoy baking. And I thought it was time for a new foody post. So why not?

In my last Blog post I told you that my upcoming post (which is this one) will be a Zara haul but I only bought 3 items so that wouldn't happen. BUT I am going to Zara next week, so I'll do a collective haul or I'll put some outfits together and blog about them.
Which one do you want to see? The haul or the outfits? Comment down below!

Anyway coming back to the pancakes...
The following recipe is very easy to follow and very delicious too. When I make pancakes I always come back to this one because it is just the best recipe ever! I know it sounds stupid because you can't do something wrong with making pancakes! It is like breathing (that was a bit too dramatic, I guess...). But in some recipes the glorious pancakes are way too sweet and contain way too many sugar. This is the reason why mine doesn't contain any at all!


You will need:
-Three eggs
-110g plain flour
-One table spoon of baking powder
-A little tiny bit of salt or how a normal person
 would say: a pinch of salt
-140ml of milk

Let's get started!

First step
Seperate the eggs. Put the whites into one bowl and the yolks into another.

Second step
Add the baking powder, flour and milk to the yolks and mix them all together into a batter.

Third step
Whisk the whites with the salt until they form stiff peaks.

Fourth step
Fold the mixture into a batter.

Fifth step
Heat a pan and put a bit of butter into it. Wait till the butter is melted then pour around a ladle full of mixture into the pan. Wait until the first side has that golden color and flip it to cook the other side.

Sixth step
Pile up your pancake onto a plate and add what ever you want!



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