January 19, 2017


This month my first box from my My Little Box finally arrived and I am so happy with it and so in love! It is so prettyyyyy!
It should bring a bit of Paris in your room which it definetly does!

If you don't know My Little Box, it is a monthly subscription box where you can feel more like a french woman. It has french lifestyle bits, beauty products from Paris and also some fashion things in it. 
I ordered the subscription for three months, so after three months they'll not send me any more of their boxes which I am sad about but I have to stand face to face with it and realise it...ugh... 
I just wasn't that sure about it and it is a lot of money, too. But maybe I'll subscribe to them again if I am allowed to. 
Anyway, this is the January Box - Fresh Start. Normally, the things come in a box but this time they come in a bag because since it is the first month of the year they wanted something special. But they will send a box the next time. 
Coming back to the bag, I think it is adorable. It has pretty colors and also a saying on it that really inspires me. You can also use it later for something else, like a bikini bag or a bag where you put cosmetics in, maybe for travelling.
 You're probably more interested and curious about what's inside, aren't you?

As you can see in the picture below, there is this super cute Timeless Planner in it. In this planner you don't have to write your appointments, you have to answer questions about yourself. Every week you also write your goals and things that were great in it. You can start whenever you want, it doesn't have dates, as it says in the name.
When you have written on all of the pages and the planner is full, you can learn more about yourself while reading through it. For me it's a bit like a diary but way more positive.

In every box you'll get a magazine where you can find travelling tips, tips for a better life and fashion and beauty things. You'll also find little cards with drawings, again tips, for example a better skin, sayings and a list of what's inside, on it.

Coming on to the fashion item...
This is a snood. Yes that's the correct name of it, snood. It's basically this blue-purple scarf with a colorful print that reminds me of birds. It looks like there were little birds all over the scarf. But I think, it's actually just a random print.
It feels very soft and has a good quality. I can't wait to wrap it around my neck on cold Winterdays.

The next treats that are inside the bag are these two things. The first is the Boost Yourself Bodylotion by their own brand My Little Beauty. 
The bodylotion feels very good on the skin, it smells incredible and so fresh. But the best about it, is that it's pink! A pink bodylotion! I've never seen one before. I just love it!
The second things is the Easy morning facial cream again by their own brand. This should also refresh you and your skin in the morning. I love the packaging. The cream feels good too.

Talking about cosmetics, in the bag I found another cream, The Porefessional from benefit. Again, I think that the packaging is adorable. It's a cream to minimize pores which smells of lemon.
Then there are Patches that make the rings under your eyes smaller from the brand called Quiriness. I haven't tried them yet but I will definetly. Because the rings under my eyes look disastrious. I hope that the patches will help.

It would be great if you have enjoyed this post. Although it was a bit long...
If you want to get a My Little Box then click here.

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See you soon!

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All pictures made by myself


  1. Looks like a great box with nice products!


  2. wouw this box looks amazing!
    www.oliviaponcelet.com <3

  3. I can see you got a different beauty products than me. I am really curious about The Porefessional from benefit.


    1. Yes, I have also seen different things when I looked through other Blogs!

  4. This seems like such a cute box to get every month. I love Paris and the french way of life <3 The scarf looks really nice and cool that this time it was send to you in bag bag insteds of the box. I wonder what's in the box next month, will you blog about it again?? :)


    1. Awww I went to the website and they only ship to the UK, that's too bad... Hopefully they will ship to Holland someday as well ;)

    2. looked around on the My Little Box websites and they say that they ship to the Uk of course, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany and Austria. But maybe they will ship to Holland in the future ;D

    3. Yes I will definitely do a post of the next box!
      I don't know if they ship to Holland but maybe search on google not on the My Little Box Uk site. I live in Austria and they sent it to me ☺️

  5. I'm such a sucker for subscription boxes!!


  6. Nice box and I definitely need to try the Benefit Professional primer! Love subscription boxes because it's like receiving gifts every month.

    xo, Yasmin

  7. Wow, the content seems to be amazing! Thanks for sharing :)
    xx Rena

  8. I've yet to try out beauty subscription boxes. Love all these goodies you got.

  9. This looks so cool! x

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