May 27, 2017


In the last couple of months - no actually in the last year and a half - I had felt so desperate about my style and wardrobe in general. I just hadn't felt comfortable in my clothes and my 'style' was indescribable, it was a mix of French chic, cally, bohemian and grungy style. To be honest, it was horrible!

So the miracle wanted to help me and I came across the best book in the world; 'The Curated Closet'. It has helped me solving my problems.
But let me first explain what The Curated Closet is about! It's basically a guide to define your own style, buy only pieces that you like 100% and throw away anything that doesn't fit into your wardrobe anymore.

As well-behaved I am I did every single step. And it was a challenge!
First it was all about defining your personal style. So I had to think about what I like, what suits me best and get inspired by creating my own moodboard. I made mine on Pinterest because I think it's very easy to pin something and you have the inspiration always with you on your phone. If you want to look through my moodboard then click here.
After this I answered questions from the book to define my style a little better. Here are some of them:
What are the most important colours of this style?
What fabric do you like the most?
What's the best name for this style?
What does a typical outfit look like for this style?

The book also tells you not to buy clothes that don't really fit to your style. So that you don't have a mix of everything in your wardrobe. This can be very hard when you go shopping escpecially when you are stressed. This is the reason why I prefer to shop online although I can't always do that because sometimes I have to try things on. So the author's advice is to write a 'shopping list' that conatins the overall look of your style, fabric, colours etc. This is kind of a filter that the clothes in store go through. You can skip trying on clothes that don't fulfil the 'conditions' on your list.
Now comes the last and biggest step: Overhauling your wardrobe.

I've thrown out many clothes in the past but not all at once! This time it's a bit different and it's actually the first time I've done it.
When you overhaul your wardrobe you basically throw out every single thing that doesn't fit to your new style and that you're probably not going to wear anymore. After you've thrown out everything your closet will be for sure pretty empy because your new style is after reading through the entire book (almost) completely different.

It was difficult but totally worth it! I say difficult because I had so many clothes and it was a lot of work going through the things and asking myself if I still need them and if they could fit to my new personal style. I am also one of those people that are connected to their things especially when it comes to fashion. But I had to change myself a bit because I had no joy with these pieces and there was no room for new ones.

However afterwards I felt so 'free'. I know it sounds ridiculous but I honestly felt like that! My closet was so empty and in the end I loved all my clothes that were left!

I would recommend 'The Curated Closet' to everyone that needs a little help with their existing wardrobe and a new and fresh style that fits their personality and lifestyle perfectly!

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May 03, 2017


I surprisingly didn't go shopping so I had to pick some 'older' clothing for this post. But I can tell you that it looks all the better!

I don't know how you feel about vintage/retro tees but I am obsessed with them at the moment. They are just so so versatile! Yes, I am talking about T-Shirts and a tees literally go with everything (except you wear on top of a ballgown...). But it is more than that. It gives your outfit the extra bit that otherwise lost. It makes your heartbeat go faster when you put an outfit including it together and you absolutely fell in love with it. Okay that was a bit...I am not going into this anymore...
Coming back on earth!
You can wear it with high waisted jeans, denim skirts, under dungarees, shorts and even more.
The T-Shirt that I chose to wear in this post is from Bershka and is totally comfortable!
So let's stop for here with the retro tees. Let us give the rest of the outfit a chance to be feautured in this post as well!

Are pleated metallic skirts still trendy? I hope so because I really like them and it would be sad if the trend is already over. I also bought it not very long ago. However I like pleated skirts! Whether they are in or out, especially when they are metallic! The one that I am wearing in this picture is pink-ish? Rose? Satin? I am not the best at colors to be honest.
Sometimes I feel like it is to festive to wear it for example in school but I love it! It is so comfortable and pretty! So the gorgeous skirt sadly only leaves my closet when I wear it in my free time.

Anyway, what a ramble!
The next thing I am going to show you are my black ballet flats from Zara. They just look adorable with the gold heels and the strings to tie around your ankles! They also go with almost every outfit and they give it a feminine and elegant touch!

Coming to accessories, I chose my beloved ring that I got last year at Disneyland Paris. I can't tell you how much I love it! I am also a ring kinda person, if that makes sense.
The accessorie has a little Mickey Mouse and star detail. And the pink stones are actually my birthstones which I find so cool!
By reading this I realised that this Ootd is kind of Disney themed because of the retro Mickey Mouse tee and the ring. But that's okay because I love Disney!
For the earrings I just decided to wear simple pearl ones from Primark.
I dind't want to take more jewelry because I think, the skirt is shimmery enough!

Before I'll finish, for the ones that wondered I just wanted to tell you that I am doing the haul probably the next time. I am really sorry but I just didn't feel like a haul where I only show a few pieces to you guys! So I will wait a bit and do a collective haul.
Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed the outfit as much as me!

Lots of love,

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April 16, 2017


I am back again with another Fashion post, an Outfit of the day! Yay! Hey this actually rhymed... I ordered some clothes on Asos and I went to Zara last week. Some of you asked me to do the a haul but the weather was perfect for a shooting, so I decided to do this instead! But for those of you that wanted to see the haul head over to my Instagram
It is April which means it is Spring (finally) and in that time of the year I love love to wear blouses! I am just obsessed with them! I don't know if it is the way they fit me or the way they look, but I can't get enough of them!
Victoria, please stop telling about your obsession with blouses! Pls! Better tell us where you bought this one and move on!
Okay okay...
This blouse is absolutely one of my favorites with the gorgeous broderie anglaise, from now on! It is from Asos btw.

I am loving these embroidered jeans from Zara atm! As the embroidery trend has also reached my heart, I thought they would go perfectly together with the blouse. 

I normally don't buy too expensive clothes but when I went to an outlet near where I live, I couldn't stop my self! And I came home with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith which I adore and wanted for so long, and a pink handbag from Michael Kors. But I am glad I bought it! Because otherwise this outfit would have missed something!

Speaking of missing: an outfit isn't complete when there are no accessories, in my opinion! So I finished it up with my lovely rings and bracelets from H&M and random pearl earrings from Primark.

The best still comes in the adorable sunglasses from Zara! I've been also on the hunt for these longer and I finally found them on my shopping tour. The shape of them are definetly on trend rn. So perfect for this ootd! Omg how often did I say this? Five times for sure!

But I really love all of the things that I've showed you in this post! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did!
Stay tuned for the next one!

I see you then!

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April 02, 2017


Although it is not the international Pancake Day (it was about a month ago) I wanted to do this post because I really enjoy baking. And I thought it was time for a new foody post. So why not?

In my last Blog post I told you that my upcoming post (which is this one) will be a Zara haul but I only bought 3 items so that wouldn't happen. BUT I am going to Zara next week, so I'll do a collective haul or I'll put some outfits together and blog about them.
Which one do you want to see? The haul or the outfits? Comment down below!

Anyway coming back to the pancakes...
The following recipe is very easy to follow and very delicious too. When I make pancakes I always come back to this one because it is just the best recipe ever! I know it sounds stupid because you can't do something wrong with making pancakes! It is like breathing (that was a bit too dramatic, I guess...). But in some recipes the glorious pancakes are way too sweet and contain way too many sugar. This is the reason why mine doesn't contain any at all!


You will need:
-Three eggs
-110g plain flour
-One table spoon of baking powder
-A little tiny bit of salt or how a normal person
 would say: a pinch of salt
-140ml of milk

Let's get started!

First step
Seperate the eggs. Put the whites into one bowl and the yolks into another.

Second step
Add the baking powder, flour and milk to the yolks and mix them all together into a batter.

Third step
Whisk the whites with the salt until they form stiff peaks.

Fourth step
Fold the mixture into a batter.

Fifth step
Heat a pan and put a bit of butter into it. Wait till the butter is melted then pour around a ladle full of mixture into the pan. Wait until the first side has that golden color and flip it to cook the other side.

Sixth step
Pile up your pancake onto a plate and add what ever you want!



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March 15, 2017


I have started this Blog about 4 months ago and I still haven't uploaded a Fashion post! What is wrong with me?! Seriously? 
I have had prepared a post about fashion last week and it should have gone up last week, too. But it didn't...To be completly honest with was trash. The photos had bad quality and it was way too long and maybe a bit boring.
However let's not complain about that, better start with this entry!
I've ever since I can remember loved Fashion and it's kind of a hobby to me now. So I went into my closet and picked a few of my favorite things up, thought if it could go as an total outfit too and yes it did. So is my "No Photos Please" Ootd (Outfit of the day).

Since it is still cold outside but there is no snow anymore, is it the perfect time for Bomberjackets and Mom Jeans, in my opinion. 
I decided to wear this white T-Shirt with the slogan "No photos please" from Forever 21, underneath it. Slogan, graphic and printed tees are totally in right now.
To finish the look I wore just simple beads earrings and my lovely embroidered lace up Brogues from New Look which are incredible.

This outfit is probably more on the casual and simple site and it is kind of annoying me. But I am going to Zara tomorrow which means new clothes and that means a new Fashion post! And I will come home with v trendy clothes and for sure not that simple, perfect for the upcoming post!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks post!
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See you soon!

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The embroidered shoes from NK are out of stock :(
But here are similiar ones :D

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March 05, 2017


I think everyone has eaten Granola once in their lifetime, or well I have. And I can't get enough of it, it is just sooo good! Whether if you make it on your own or buy it at Oatmeals (for example). You can mix it with yogurt or milk or anything that you like. Maybe fruits or honey for kind of a topping.
Granola, muesli, oatmeal or yogurt, however you want to call it, is just perfect for breakfast, in my opinion. But sometimes it happens that I eat it two or three times a day and also at afternoon or evening.
And if you are still wondering why I am writing a Blog post about it, here's the reason: my Blog should be a place where I share all of the things I love with you and one of that is Granola (and FOOD). I am also very busy at the moment because the one week of schoolholidays is already over and this was quick to do. So sorry for that, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.
So now I am going to show you my oatmeal process:

First step

Make a decision about what things are going to land in your Granola pot and cut them in an agreeable size (if they are fruits).
I chose a banana, half of an apple, cranberries, lactose-free yogurt, honey and sadly not so fresh Granola from the supermarket.

Second step

Put all of your ingredients in your pot/bowl or start layering them. You can get really crazy and creative a this point.

Third step

Get comfortable with a Vogue magazine and enjoy your pot of Granola!

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I hope that I've made you want a muesli!

See you soon!

PS next Post will be definetly longer!

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February 19, 2017


Hey everyone, I'm back again with another My Little Box post. I think that you guys have enjoyed reading it and I making it! So I thought that I could show you the pretty little things in the February box.

Because it is still Winter (ugh...) the topic of this month is MOUNTAINS. I live in a country where everyone skis, except me. I never really liked it but it was usual to learn skiing for a four or five-year-old kid. Luckily I don't have to do it now. 
However, let's not talk about my skiing experience. 
Better start with the products.

In the My Little Boxes you will always find a magazine, a little bag where you can store beauty products (and another things) and a Illustration by Kanako Kuno.
In this box you will also find the Dove richesse cachemire Bodylotion. This is a Bodylotion for 'kashmir feeling' on your skin and it moisturises as well. It is especially good for Winter, I think.
Next is the instant roll on eye energiser. I am in love with this product because my rings under my eyes are huge and the instant roll on minimizes them a bit. It feels also very fresh. 

The following one is a personal 'Goodie', a fruity lip balm. It kind of reminds me of the eos ones and also a bit of a snowball because of its shape. It is really handy, too. 
In the Boxes are almost always products where I can make a use of and which are perfect for me, such as the instant eye roll or this lip balm. 
As you can see on the picture below the My Little Mountains Box also contains these sparkly blue socks. Not only that they are very comfortable, they look so fashionable and pretty. As it says on the back, they are made for COLD FEET!

Last but not least we have this cute Coeur de Glace pin. I have been wanting a pin/pins for so long and now I finally got one. And for those of you who don't know, 'Coeur de Glace' simply means 'Heart of Ice' (thanks God for three years of learning french). What I have noticed while writing this post is that this pin actually matches the socks!  

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and stay tuned for the next one coming in one week ('s about f---piiieeeep-----ERROR--------

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See you soon!

PS sorry for the bad lighting on the photos

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February 03, 2017


I have loved and supported pure natural and healthy products, ever since I can remember. They are good for you and also good for the environment. But the problem is, that so many brands say that they bare in mind the environment. However they don't. But luckily there exist brands that tell the truth, such as Lomerre. I have discovered this brand a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with it!
It's not just that the packaging is super cute, also what's inside is adorable. It contains healthy and natural products that haven't been tested on animals.
So let me show you some of my most loved items:

 I have to say that the Moisturizing Lip Balm Coconut is my absolutely fave. I love lip balms in general, because my lips are always so dry and damaged, especially in Winter. But this one blowed my mind. It feels so fresh on your lips, not like others that I've tried before. It smells very good and leaves a healthy-looking color on your lips. It protects, softens and smooths. 

Let's have a look at the body scrubs they have in sell.
This is the Nourishing Body Scrub Neroli. It smells again very fresh and of candy canes. Say whaaa?! Yes, you heared right, it smells of candy canes, because it is made out of it! I can imagine, licking on your arm, because it smells so good and it makes you want to have a candy cane. Sorry, for that stupid thought *laughs*. As you can see it is pink which is a real goal.

Now let's head over to something completely different:
The glorious Moisturizing Face Cream Coconut. I am one of these people that have a problem with dry skin. My skin is almost always dry. So I think, that this Face Cream will become a best friend of mine. It treats dull skin perfectly and smooths it.

I hope you have enjoyed this Blog Post. If you want to try the mentioned items yourself, then klick on the product's names (pink) in the text or click here
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January 19, 2017


This month my first box from my My Little Box finally arrived and I am so happy with it and so in love! It is so prettyyyyy!
It should bring a bit of Paris in your room which it definetly does!

If you don't know My Little Box, it is a monthly subscription box where you can feel more like a french woman. It has french lifestyle bits, beauty products from Paris and also some fashion things in it. 
I ordered the subscription for three months, so after three months they'll not send me any more of their boxes which I am sad about but I have to stand face to face with it and realise it...ugh... 
I just wasn't that sure about it and it is a lot of money, too. But maybe I'll subscribe to them again if I am allowed to. 
Anyway, this is the January Box - Fresh Start. Normally, the things come in a box but this time they come in a bag because since it is the first month of the year they wanted something special. But they will send a box the next time. 
Coming back to the bag, I think it is adorable. It has pretty colors and also a saying on it that really inspires me. You can also use it later for something else, like a bikini bag or a bag where you put cosmetics in, maybe for travelling.
 You're probably more interested and curious about what's inside, aren't you?

As you can see in the picture below, there is this super cute Timeless Planner in it. In this planner you don't have to write your appointments, you have to answer questions about yourself. Every week you also write your goals and things that were great in it. You can start whenever you want, it doesn't have dates, as it says in the name.
When you have written on all of the pages and the planner is full, you can learn more about yourself while reading through it. For me it's a bit like a diary but way more positive.

In every box you'll get a magazine where you can find travelling tips, tips for a better life and fashion and beauty things. You'll also find little cards with drawings, again tips, for example a better skin, sayings and a list of what's inside, on it.

Coming on to the fashion item...
This is a snood. Yes that's the correct name of it, snood. It's basically this blue-purple scarf with a colorful print that reminds me of birds. It looks like there were little birds all over the scarf. But I think, it's actually just a random print.
It feels very soft and has a good quality. I can't wait to wrap it around my neck on cold Winterdays.

The next treats that are inside the bag are these two things. The first is the Boost Yourself Bodylotion by their own brand My Little Beauty. 
The bodylotion feels very good on the skin, it smells incredible and so fresh. But the best about it, is that it's pink! A pink bodylotion! I've never seen one before. I just love it!
The second things is the Easy morning facial cream again by their own brand. This should also refresh you and your skin in the morning. I love the packaging. The cream feels good too.

Talking about cosmetics, in the bag I found another cream, The Porefessional from benefit. Again, I think that the packaging is adorable. It's a cream to minimize pores which smells of lemon.
Then there are Patches that make the rings under your eyes smaller from the brand called Quiriness. I haven't tried them yet but I will definetly. Because the rings under my eyes look disastrious. I hope that the patches will help.

It would be great if you have enjoyed this post. Although it was a bit long...
If you want to get a My Little Box then click here.

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See you soon!

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