December 11, 2016


Because it's almost Christmas, I thought that I'll show you my Christmas Playlist on Spotify which I've been loving through this time of the year. As you can see there are all of my favourite Cristmas songs on it. I can still remember making it with my best friend (Kathi, if you are reading this: a big Hello from me!) last summer. 
We just sat there searching for our most loved Christmas songs; to create a perfect Playlist.
Playlists are gorgeous (especially when they are christmasy). I mean, you can hear them everywhere you want! When you're walking to school or work or when you're waiting at any bus or train station. I am even hearing to it right now!
If you want to know all of my songs that I've picked up, you can click here.

PS I am very sorry that this Blog post is so short, but I am very busy at the moment...
The next one will be definitely longer. I promise!

See you soon!

All pictures made by myself

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