December 11, 2016


Because it's almost Christmas, I thought that I'll show you my Christmas Playlist on Spotify which I've been loving through this time of the year. As you can see there are all of my favourite Cristmas songs on it. I can still remember making it with my best friend (Kathi, if you are reading this: a big Hello from me!) last summer. 
We just sat there searching for our most loved Christmas songs; to create a perfect Playlist.
Playlists are gorgeous (especially when they are christmasy). I mean, you can hear them everywhere you want! When you're walking to school or work or when you're waiting at any bus or train station. I am even hearing to it right now!
If you want to know all of my songs that I've picked up, you can click here.

PS I am very sorry that this Blog post is so short, but I am very busy at the moment...
The next one will be definitely longer. I promise!

See you soon!

All pictures made by myself


You may have clicked here to get to know me a bit better. But if this text is to long for you then click here. Or go ahead and read my story.

I am Victoria but a lot of my friends and my family call me ,,Dupi". I know it sounds strange but this is really my nickname. Seriously. So let me explain it to you: As a baby I had red spots all over my face and my older brother looked at me and said Dupi. This is still confusing, isn't it? I live in Austria (I am half German, half Austrian) which means that we speak german and 'Tupfen' means spot. So why didn't he call me ,,Tupi''? I have no idea. I guess he pronounced it Dupi instead of Tupi (he was only 3 years old). That was the story of my Nickname (--> boring). I am really sorry for that stupid story. But I didn't imagine it!
However my blog's name is Vidcaria. I've wanted that it's name is Dupi but when I googled for Dupi, I found out that there exists the french name Dupont and some people's nickname is because of this Dupi. So I had to pick another name and I ended up with Vidcaria. It assembles out of my first names Victoria-Maria and of course my nickname Dupi.

Moving on, I am 15 years old and I am not a native Speaker as I said before, so I am very sorry for mistakes in any form. It would be great if you can let me know in the comments when I wrote something wrong. In that way I can also improve my English.

What can I say? I have a passion for fashion! That's the reason why I've started this blog; to spread it all over the world! I love to create outfits, see what's recently on trend...and of course writing about it! Fashion has always played a big role in my life. I've always liked putting outfits together. I also ran on a 'runway' when I was about 7 years old. It was a brand for children's clothing that I ran for and it was in my town which isn't that big. Actually it is very small; it's one of the smallest 'cities' that I know. But it was a great experience! From the ages 6 to 12 I wanted to become a Designer. Now I am not exactly sure what I want to become in the future; definetly something with fashion!

Now, let's talk about Youtube:
It all began when I found this editing App, iMovie, on my brother's iPad. It was summer, I was ten or eleven (I can't remember) and bored. So I decided to do a video. I went outside in our garden with some toys of mine and started to film them. I felt like a professional director. After about five hours, I finally finished filming and editing. I was so proud of me and I really enjoyed making it. Then I saw this little Youtube button on iMovie. I could upload it on Youtube. I actually did with the help of my brother. If you now think, what! A little kid uploads a video on Youtube! Just to let you know, I was not shown on the video and you could not hear my voice, or anything like that. However I changed the video into privat modus. This couldn't stop me from making videos. I've made videos for two or three years, but just for me. I didn't upload them. I imagined that I have a channel. But from this moment on I wanted to do more videos and a Youtube channel. But that wouldn't happen, I was too young for YT. So I waited some years ad now I am fifteen and have finally a channel!

However life is sometimes not that great. I've been through hard times, of course, like any other person. So I'm not going to explain you that.

By the way this was my little sister:
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Here are some random facts about my self that I didn't metion before (you can read this if you're bored) :

  • There are so many colors that I love but if I am only allowed to pick 4 of them, then I would probably pick these: pink, blue, yellow and purple
  • The most revolting food for me is mustard
  • I have 2 siblings
  • I love animals; I have 2 guinea pigs, a dog and 2 bunnys
  • I am a Geek and a Fashionfreak
  • I am short, but I hope that I will grow a little bit more
  • I am in love with Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Disney, the Vogue, travelling, books, tea and so much more
  • I have been 2 times to Disneyland Paris, 2 times to Disney World Orlando and to times 2 to Universal Studios Orlando ( where I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I also went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London) --> I said this for all of the amusement park fans
  • As I told you before I love travelling; but I am not going to list you all of the places that I've went
  • I was sorted into Ravenclaw; I've made the test on Pottermore about 13 or 14 times, just to prove that I am really in Ravenclaw because I adore it so much!
  • I was born on the first of October in 2001
  • I own 3 wands
  • I like to draw 
  • I like photography and to decorate my room (and tidy it!)
  • I am very trying to eat healthy food
  • When I have a favorite song I don't want to hear it because I don't want to get rid off it!
  • Every time when I hear 'Drag Me Down' by One Direction I feel like I'm in New York again, because I first heared it in NYC (it is very special to me and one of my favorite songs)
  • I love One Direction btw #prouddirectioner (--> awkward moment)
  • A sewingmachine stands in my room which I (sometimes) use; I am sewing since I was 8 years old
There are even more things about me that you don't know, so if you want to know me more, then just follow me on this journey!

I have to say it again: I love to write, especially on my blog! I check almost every day my blog statistics or look through it. I just fell in love with blogging. I can write about my favorite things!
So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
If you made it this far I am very thankful, it really means something to me and also a big THANK YOU for clicking onto my blog!

Love you all,


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All pictures made by myself
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